Tips for Choosing Home Flooring in Wellington


The floor is one of the most important parts of interior design and choosing new flooring for your Wellington home is an important decision. Most flooring can last for decades, and there are multiple elements to consider when choosing a flooring solution for the home. Below are several factors to consider when choosing home flooring materials.

Choose a Versatile Floor Covering

As mentioned previously, a householder will have to live with their flooring choices for years. Therefore, it is important to select materials, styles, and colours that will work for the family’s lifestyle, both now and in the future. With recycled timber flooring Wellington, the buyer will get a wide spectrum of tonal depths and colours, which makes it easier to adapt to changing interior colour schemes and new accessories throughout the floor’s life cycle.

Go For Strength and Durability

Durability and longevity are crucial attributes in home flooring. Hardwood flooring is designed to last and, if properly cared for, it can last as long as the home stands. When choosing wood flooring, householders should consult an expert who can recommend materials that will stand up to years of heavy use.

Choose a Sustainable Flooring Option

Recycled timber flooring receives a high sustainability score from Green Star and the New Zealand Green Building Council. With accredited manufacturing processes, a very high content of recycled materials, and industry best practices, recycled timber flooring contributes to green, sustainable building.

Choose Flooring That’s Easy to Maintain

Most families have busy lifestyles, making it important to choose hard flooring that’s simple and inexpensive to maintain. The physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties of timber flooring can be kept for years with simple cleaning steps. Regular sweeping can prevent gritty particles from scratching floor surfaces, while gentle cleansing can help it keep its lustre for years to come.

Whether a householder is building from scratch or upgrading a home’s existing flooring, choosing the right flooring materials can be difficult. For help choosing the right home flooring, you can visit us at Four Star Flooring or see us online at We offer recycled flooring in Lower Hutt which provides an eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable option for New Zealand householders.


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