Areas of Your Home That are Affordable to Modernise

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There is an assumption among many homeowners that getting your home to look magazine cover-worthy is super expensive. But it does not have to be so. There are simple affordable ways you can modernise your home and make it look much better. If your house feels dull and aged, here are five simple ways to make it chic without going broke.

1. Bring in more light

The effect of natural light is often underestimated. Without making any other change, more light coming in can transform a dull stuffy room into a bright airy space. Not only does it make the house look better, it also makes it more comfortable to live in.

Go around the house with a contractor and find ways you can bring in more natural light. Some good ideas include installing more and bigger windows, using screen doors, installing a skylight or replacing an entire wall with glass.

For small rooms, natural light instantly creates the effect of space. Once you combine the added lighting with a few other decor changes, the impact is dramatic.

2. Install hardwood flooring

If you are using carpet or some other cheap flooring such as PVC tiles, maybe it is time for an upgrade. While high-end flooring like marble and slate can be quite expensive, hardwood is much more affordable. Hardwood flooring creates warmth and style within a space. It makes a place feel more modern and welcoming.

These days, with so much variety to choose from, you will easily find the perfect flooring for your home. If you want a unique look, go for options like distressed wood, dark hardwood flooring or wide plank flooring.

Just make sure you have the best solid timber floors Wellington experts to do the installation for you. If you already have hardwood flooring, consider hiring floor sanders in Wellington to give it a shine.

3. Reupholster your furniture

Stained, torn and dented sofas can make your living room look really old and ugly. An affordable reupholstering project can make your old-looking furniture new again. The seats will also be more comfortable.

If the furniture is really old, consider buying new pieces though this can be a bit expensive.

4. Go open

If you look at modern decors in magazines and home design websites, you will notice that open plan designs are all the rage. They make the house look chic and luxurious. So why don’t you try it for your own home?

Knock down the walls between the kitchen, living room and dining room. The added flow of space creates a feeling of luxury. It also results in a better flow of light around the living area.

5. Adorn with art

Find unique art pieces and use them to adorn your walls. Find a unique mix of pieces to create an even more eye-catching look for your living areas.

Timber floor experts in Wellington

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