The Flooring Space Illusion


Creating space in the interior of an already tight living area can be as easy as is challenging. Regardless of the endless thoughtful and innovative design ideas that you may have applied, the flooring of any space is a high determining factor to the eventual results that many tend to overlook.

Installing the right flooring not only creates the illusion of a larger space, but also transforms the room into a whole new look; you would not believe it is the same place. So, if you still feel like your walls are closing in on you, here are five flooring tricks that will blow your mind.

1. Size

Stick to wide plank hardwood flooring

To dramatically increase the visual expanse of your room, wide planks, usually greater than 8 cms, are highly recommended. They tend to create fewer seams that are less confining. Consider this when looking for solid timber floors in Wellington.

Go for larger tiles

Larger tiles, greater than the typical 30 cm tiles, are a great way to increase the illusion of more space of your living area.

2. Colour

Dark will never disappoint if correctly paired with the correct wall, trim and moulding colour. Intrusive colours for the walls will often optically narrow the room but  unobtrusive colours like white will give a sense of spaciousness.

Many will advise against darker floors but they are surprisingly efficient in creating an expansive feel plus they give character to the space.

3. Pattern and orientation

Regardless of the material you decide to pick for your flooring, be it exotic hardwood or stone luxury tiles, placing the material diagonally enhances visual space. The technique creates a pleasing perspective.

With wide plank hardwood flooring, laying the planks along a longer wall also helps elongate the room.

4. Consistency

Visual balance is an element that you don’t want to overlook. Avoid changing the floor colour and if you need to change the type of flooring material, stick to the same colour family throughout your home for continuity. Consistency also prevents the feeling of cramped spaces and connects one room to another.

5. Shapes

Varying between square and rectangular tiles of the same colour and texture gives the room a dynamic mix that enhances visual variety. Choosing the correct sizes and shapes is a tricky endeavour that requires professional assistance.

Bottom line

In addition to choosing the right colour scheme for your space, utilising the same material for different purposes, allowing plenty of natural light and using minimal floor designs, flooring is a great strategy to create an expansive illusion in your space.

So if you are challenged on how to transform your miniature space into a dazzling new expansive look then Four Star Flooring at is just what you need to solve your flooring dilemma. Our expert flooring team in Wellington ensures high quality flooring and allows you to be you in your space.

Many homeowners are making the discovery that solid timber floors are the new modern. Well, we never disappoint. Visit our website to learn more about our flooring Lower Hutt and Wellington services.


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