Timber Flooring Installation

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Timber flooring is one of the most sought after surfaces in any home, thanks to its warmth, durability and timeless appeal. If you are looking for an affordable way to add character and style to your Wellington home then timber flooring will add character, beauty and comfort to your home. However in order to realise these benefits, you need to ensure that your new timber floor is installed and maintained properly. Here are some flooring, decorating and buying tips to enhance the appearance and ambience of your home.

Installing timber flooring will provide a beautiful and warm look for your home. This type of floor will be right at home in your living room, dining room, kitchen, and any other space in your property you want to look warm and inviting. It is an easy-maintenance option for the main living spaces, especially when treated with a high-quality, durable water-repellent finish, such as floor polyurethane, that withstands traffic and protects against decay.

Polyurethane coated flooring surfaces are adequately protected from water, don’t require waxing, and are extremely easy to clean by mopping or sweeping. Unlike tiles, it offers a warmer and quieter choice that is also great for continuous flooring of open plan floors.

Solid timber flooring and fixtures are wear-resistant, long-lasting and can be refinished as needed. Of course the natural wooden material does expand and contract with changes in climate, but professional installers and timber floor finishers in Wellington can minimise potential problems that may occur as a result of climate fluctuation. The timber floor installation specialists at Four Star Flooring have the knowledge, skills and experience to know how to curb potential splitting, warping, and other issues.

Recent surveys have shown that houses with timber floors sell faster and command a higher price in the market compared to houses with other floor types. The wide range of finishes ensures you can find the perfect floor to match any decor. More than 20 timber species (home-grown and imported) are available for turning your Wellington home flooring dreams into reality.

When looking to install timber flooring, it’s recommended that you choose an installer who supplies eco-friendly floors that are made from sustainably harvested hardwoods. This will allow you to maximise your contribution to a sustainable environment.

Recycled timber flooring typically comes from structural timber, floor joists and old weatherboards from demolition projects. The “old” timber from demolition sites is taken to a recycling plant and machined into flooring – either tongue and groove or overlay. It offers an affordable and beautiful, environmentally-friendly floor, which is a positive alternative to illegally logged rainforests.

The professional timber flooring installers at Four Star Flooring supply standard sizes of flooring, but can produce custom sizes on request. These specialists can also advise you on type, specifications and colour of your flooring and happily work with you to arrange the installation to save you time, effort and the stress of laying out the boards yourself.

Apart from installation, Four Star Flooring provide a number of services that contribute to improving and maintaining the appearance of your floors to make them last longer in your Wellington home or business. These include:

Sanding. This involves scraping off the old layer on the top in order to bring forth the new layer from below, thus making the timber flooring appear newer and smoother. It offers an affordable way to update your timber floor boards without the cost and time of a replacement.

Staining. Staining of existing or new timber floors enhances the natural beauty of wood by adding fade-resistant beautiful colour that allows both the grain and texture to show.

Whitewash and blockout. Whitewashing of timber floors allows wood grain and colour to show, creating a unique look and feel.

Polyurethane. Applying a couple of coats of polyurethane protects your flooring and ensures that it’s easy to keep clean and maintain.

Oils. A quality oil finish provides complete wood protection, and waterproofs the floor long after the initial water beading is gone.

Four Star Flooring is a Wellington based timber flooring contractor specialising in sanding, staining, laying, whitewashing, polishing, repairs and removal of solid timber floors.

They have over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide all their clients with high quality work at a fair price. Visit the Four Star Flooring website, www.4starflooring.co.nz, to get some ideas on your next flooring project or to get a free quote.


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