Interior Design Ideas for Small Houses


Love your New Zealand home but feel you are outgrowing it? Perhaps you have had more children but don’t really want to leave the Wellington area you love or your children’s schools. There are other options to selling up and moving into a larger house and they can be more cost effective than the costs associated with getting your house ready for market and then the additional costs of moving house.

With a few tips for redecorating and redesigning your living space you can make better use of the spaces you already have and make them work better for you and your family.

Interior design ideas for small bedrooms

  • bunk beds
  • loft beds
  • fold down beds
  • bed and desk combinations
  • dual purpose rooms e.g. office/spare room
  • convert that roof space into an extra bedroom or en suite master bedroom
  • fit a bed into a wall design with storage underneath, around and over, freeing up floor space
  • bunk beds for kids (especially ones with storage incorporated) or have sets custom built

Interior design ideas for small kitchens

  • floor to ceiling storage
  • room dividing shelves with storage on both sides
  • an island for more counter/preparation space (can even be on wheels)
  • breakfast bar instead of dining table
  • smaller appliances

Interior design ideas for small living spaces

  • divide a living room/dining room space with curtain/screen/open shelving rather than a wall and door
  • downsize furniture (do you really need that eight seater dining table or lounge suite?)
  • use area rugs to define smaller areas within a larger shared space

Top tips

  • make use of under stair areas with fitted shelving, cupboards or a workstation
  • use floor to ceiling blinds or curtains to add height to a room (draws the eye up)
  • use light coloured walls, flooring and window coverings to enhance the feeling of space
  • vertical wallpaper or paint effects will also add height to a room
  • mirrors will expand a space visually (attach to wardrobes in bedrooms)
  • open shelving will appear more spacious than cupboards and encourage decluttering
  • multi-purpose furniture e.g. window seats for storage, sofa beds in spare room/office, bed/desk combinations, especially the loft styles
  • you can fit a home office space into a cupboard (often called a nook)!
  • turn the garage into a work space, gym or games room freeing up a room inside the house (use a carport for car instead)

A small space will encourage you to de-clutter and come up with innovative storage ideas to make the best use of all available space without appearing too stuffed in. A minimalist approach to possessions is a good idea when trying to live in a small space , although many people like the cosiness of being surrounded by numerous personal possessions.

Having decided on which areas of your home you want to redesign to maximise space, starting with the flooring can be a great choice and then you can build on top and colour coordinate all the other furnishings. If you have solid timber floor finishes in Wellington already it is easy to get them refinished, perhaps even sanding them and changing the colour to a lighter finish.

Visit for a fabulous gallery of their whitewash floors. For flooring in Lower Hutt and flooring Wellington wide you should definitely get a free quote from Four Star Flooring, a Wellington based company who are specialists in floor supplying, floor laying, floor sanding and staining all timber floors.


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