House Renovation Ideas For Your Kapiti Coast Home


If you have a home on the beautiful Kapiti Coast and you want to renovate it, then there are several things to consider before you commit to doing so.

Do you want to give your home a full makeover that includes both the interior and the exterior, or perhaps you just want to focus primarily on the kitchen, bathroom or living room? How much money are you willing to invest in the renovation process?

How much of your investment would you hope to recoup if you decide to sell your home one day? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a renovation project.

Here are details of some renovation projects that can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home.

If you have existing hardwood floor staining that is looking tired or you have just had hardwood flooring installed then contact Four Star Flooring.

Our team of flooring specialists provide floor sanding and floor staining to customers throughout the Kapiti area. Hardwood floor staining and refinishing will make your flooring look and feel more comfortable and luxurious.

As well as adding character and charm to your home floor staining will increase your property resale value making it a great long term investment.

2. Consider adding energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows can help you lower your monthly energy bills because they are also practical and functional. In the chilly winter months heat can escape through window cracks and uninsulated window frames.

By installing double-glazed windows you can ensure that this is no longer the case in your home. Single-pane windows may be cheaper in the beginning, but energy-efficient windows can help you lower your energy bills by up to 70% and they will add greater value to you home when you decide to sell.

3. Install a new trim and moulding

If you are truly committed to reinventing your Kapiti Coast home, then you should consider installing new trim and moulding – these small architectural details, such as baseboards, crown moulding or wainscotting can make a tremendous difference in the way your guests perceive your home. For instance, overscale crown moulding is a great choice for your living room, especially if you are fond of Victorian-era apartments and you want to create a feeling of space.

4. Add a new deck

As you may know already, a deck addition can drastically boost the value of your house, especially since outdoor living spaces are well used by Kiwis. If your Kapiti Coast house is a holiday home then adding an extra deck can make your home a lot more appealing for guests.

At Four Star Flooring we offer free quotes on all our Kapiti floor sanding and floor staining services.

If you live in the Kapiti Coast area and need some advice on how floor staining can improve the look and feel of you home visit our website today for more information.


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