4 Simple Ideas for Eco-friendly Interior Design


Your home is a very important part of your life. It is where you spend much of your free time, so you want to make sure it has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. One question many people have is about how to create a beautiful home in an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious way. Luckily, there are lots of ways to do this!

Here are a few great ideas for designing an incredible home without impacting the environment:

1. Recycled wooden flooring

Wooden flooring adds an elegant and comfortable feel to your home. Recycled wood is great for the environment because it keeps new trees from being cut down while also blocking old wood from being sent to the landfill or burned.

As far as design goes, recycled wood has a beautiful appearance that makes it hard to tell it was ever used for another purpose. If the wood was more heavily used, it is refurbished to give it an amazing touch of character and a uniquely vintage style that is highly appealing for the home. Getting high quality recycled timber floor finishes in Wellington, New Zealand is a lot easier than you might think if you work with the right flooring company.

2. Live plant decor

One of the easiest ways to make your home design a bit more eco-friendly is to bring in some live greenery. Live plants can improve the air quality in your home while also giving back a bit to the world. Plants are very easy to care for with just a little sunlight and water every few days.

3. Energy-efficient lighting and natural lighting

If you really want an easy solution to your eco-friendly interior design, spend some time focusing on the light inside your home. Using energy-efficient lamps, light bulbs, and other sources of light can do a lot for the environmental friendliness of your home. You should also make the most of the natural light available in your home. Sunlight can really add a beautiful glow to your home and by opening up your home more and focusing on how to maximise the incoming sunlight, you can eliminate the need to use lights and lamps during the daytime.

4. Focus on sustainability

The main thing to think about when looking for eco-friendly interior design ideas is sustainability. Where did the materials come from for new furniture or renovations? Does the new design give anything back to the environment or use any resources more responsibly? Where were the new items sourced from? Any design idea that does not use sustainable products is not as environmentally friendly as you might think.

Flooring in Lower Hutt and Wellington

If you need new or recycled wooden floors in Wellington or Lower Hutt, there are a lot of options for you. One of the best is Four Star Flooring Ltd. When you use their services you’re guaranteed to get high quality materials, expert installation, and an end result that is both beautiful and sturdy. Call Four Star Flooring www.4starflooring.co.nz or check out their website today if you’re interested in a quote for recycled solid timber flooring in Wellington.


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